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Treatment and follow-up plans of the patients, who are diagnosed with cancer, are made in the Department of Medical Oncology with multidisciplinary approach or based on cooperation with relevant surgery department, radiology, pathology, nuclear medicine, internal medicine and radiation oncology departments.

Considering needs of patients in treatment and follow-up periods, following methods are used to prevent growth of tumor and to support general health status along with therapies that intend alleviating symptoms.


Hormone Therapy

Targeted Therapies

What is Radiotherapy?
In our department, ionizing radiation is used to take malignant tumors under control as a part of cancer treatment. Devices, such as TrueBeam that are developed to deliver the radiation to the diseased organ in the most accurate and appropriate way, also known as Linear Accelerator, are required for this purpose. “Radiotherapy” or “radiation therapy” implies using those devices to deliver high-dose radiation in order to destruct cancerous tissue or to ensure palliation.

Our services are rendered by radiation oncologist, medical physicist, radiotherapy technician, nurse, dosimetrist, psychologist, social services expert, dietician, radiation protection expert and patient consultant. Moreover, multidisciplinary approach is adopted for basic steps of treatment planning, such as investigating spread of the tumor and staging the tumor, since patient is jointly evaluated by multiple clinics, such as Nuclear Medicine, Radiology and Pathology.

Modalities used in treatment processes in the Department of Radiation Oncology are as follows:

With our TrueBeam STX devices;

Total Body Irradiation- TBI
Total Skin Electron Irradiation – TSEI
SRS, SBRT with Trilogy Robotic Radiosurgery System

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