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What is Dental Implant?

The dental implant can be defined as “an artificial root of tooth that is placed into or on the jaw bone in order to replace the missing tooth or teeth in the mouth”.

Based on our best knowledge, this treatment modality was first conducted using gold and silver needles in Chinese Empire in 3000 B.C., and recently, a material that is made of titanium – a material that is compatible with dental tissue and is not rejected by the body- is placed to the regions of missing teeth.

Although missing teeth are usually regarded as a cosmetic problem, it is also associated with other health problems in the long-term. Considering this fact, the treatment should immediately be started. Dental implant therapy offers an outcome that is very close to natural teeth and it eliminates this risk permanently.

The Swedish Orthopedist Ingvar Branemark is the father of the modern dental implantology. He accidentally invented integration of titanium with the rabbit bone in 1950s. A dental implant was first applied to a patient in mid 1960s.

Watch the video about how to treat dental implant patients at Dentram by Prof. Dr. Serhat Yalcin


How is dental implant placed? How long does dental implant treatment take?
Implant treatment offers remarkable cosmetic and functional advantages over other treatment modalities. For the implant therapy, the implant site is numbed by administering local anesthetic agent and the implant is placed within 5 to 10 minutes. 1.5 to 2 months should elapse to ensure that the implant is well integrated (fused) to the jaw bone.

This waiting period may further prolong depending on the quality of the implant. Since the placement is an easy and pain-free procedure, the patient will not face a difficulty in this process. Next, the therapy proceeds to the second stage. Measures of your mouth and the tooth structures are taken for porcelain teeth that will be retained on implants; tooth/teeth is/are placed within 1 week to 10 days. In conclusion, implant therapy takes about 2 months.

What are the indications of the dental implant ?

An implant tooth or a dental implant can be used to treat all types of missing teeth. The space left after extraction of tooth will cause melting down or resorption of the bone. In treatment of missing teeth, bridge restorations will not only cause damage to healthy teeth, but it will also lead to resorption of the bone at the site of the missing tooth. If an implant is placed in this space, the resorption of jaw bone will be eliminated.

The Dentram family recommends implant therapy by a team of best implant dentists in our implant centers located in Istanbul for all healthy people with adequate bone to support implant in order to overcome the potential of abovementioned future problems.

What should be considered in implant treatment ?

Implant-supported Prosthesis
Artificial teeth and prostheses that are placed on the dental implant are called implant-supported prosthesis. Implant-supported prostheses have many advantages comparing to the conventional dental prostheses. These are:

Easy to manufacture and apply.
They make substantial cosmetic contributions.
The loss of bone is prevented.
Oral hygiene is easily ensured.
They have longer life span comparing to conventional prostheses.
Biting, chewing and speaking functions are conserved.
Wearing of soft tissues over time is reduced.

Frequently Asked Questions about Implant
Dental implants are very low failure rate which is less than %1 if used high quality dental implant. After a dental implant is placed, we recommend our patients to take antibiotic agents and painkiller, apply cold compress especially the first day after the procedure and eat soft foods.


Patient testimony about implant treatment

Are all implants identical? Are all of them in same quality?
The ever increasingly used implants are available in various brands and qualities. Unfortunately, the imitations are increasing in this every growing sector. Since use of the imitation or counterfeit implants that are manufactured at unregulated conditions causes resorption of bone, patients should necessarily search the implants to be used.

If one wants to order 1,000 implants, they can be manufactured in all brands and configurations in China, Italy and Korea and the manufacturing process is usually unregulated. The patients, who seek implant, should necessarily learn the brand of the implant. Many patients with implants that do not allow placement of prosthesis are encountered in the clinical practice, as the brand of the implant is not known. If the implant has integrated to the jaw bone, but the brand is not known, it is required to remove the implant. Another important issue is the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) compatibility and safety of the implant. MRI is contraindicated for patients with dental implants that are not MRI safe.


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