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Immediate Implant


What Is Immediate Implant?

It implies placement of implant and attaching the tooth on the implant in the session the teeth are extracted. Requirements of the immediate implant include lack of active infection in tooth and presence of adequate volume of bone. The tooth extractions need to be done as less traumatic as possible and bone chips should be added around the implant, if necessary.

How is an Immediate Implant Carried Out?

At normal circumstances, an implant is placed 1.5 to 2 months after teeth are extracted. However, teeth can be extracted and implants are placed in the same session at some appropriate circumstances. This procedure is called Immediate Implant placement. The surgical procedure is identical to that of other implants. The only difference is that it requires experience.

Who is a good candidate of an Immediate Implant?

Immediate implant is generally attached anterior teeth. The tooth needs to remain intact during the extraction. It cannot be placed in case of traumatic tooth extractions. It should not be applied in case of acute infection or evident inflammation.

What should be done after an Immediate Implant?

If a provisional fixed denture is placed on the abutment after an immediate implant, the patient is recommended to eat soft foods. Otherwise, the only need is to take medicines regularly and to apply cold compression.

What are the advantages of an Immediate Implant?

The time is among principal advantages of the immediate implant. This technique eliminates the need to wait for the healing period after the tooth extraction. Since all procedures are done in the same session, the patient does not experience potential discomfort of the second surgery. Moreover, the edentulous period is eliminated, as a provisional fixed denture is placed on the immediate implant of the patient.

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