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Professional Teeth Whitening Cost in Turkey

If you want to remove stains and discolorations from your teeth, you should consider teeth whitening. It can be done to anyone who suffers from the stains yet it cannot be done to the ones who already have dental crowns, veneers, bridges or fillings in his/her teeth. Also, it is not recommended for pregnant women as its side effects are not well known. For the people who smoke or drink a lot, teeth whitening is not a recommended treatment as they will constantly create new stains, the treatment will not be effective or efficient for them. At the end of the procedure, patients have a better, good-looking smile that they can confidently show to people whenever they want.

Teeth whitening is an easy procedure compared to other dental procedures. It does not include high risks or serious side effects. You can try to whiten your teeth at home by techniques such as using tooth pastes that has whitening effect but professional teeth whitening at dentist’s office would be a better and more effective choice. In-office whitening technique, which is done by dentist at dentist’s office and takes about 30-60 minutes, is done by using a special whitening solution. This solution is applied on patient’s teeth and it make stains divide into smaller pieces. Being smaller will decrease their effect which causes discoloration and patient’s teeth gets its natural color back. While doing the treatment, a protective solution is applied on patient’s gums to protect gums from the whitening solution so that whitening solution would not harm patient’s gums. There is no recovery time needed after the procedure of whitening, patient can eat and drink as he/she wishes. Only side effects of the procedure can be pain or sensitivity. When any other side effect is felt by the patient, dentist must be informed immediately.

You should know that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. It depends on you to make it more durable or not. When you eat food and drink beverages which causes stains a lot treatment will not last long on you and you will think that you need to repeat the process in a short time. When you get your treatment, be more with what you eat and drink to make your teeth whitened more durable.

Teeth Whitening Cost in Turkey

Like every dental  treatment costs of teeth whitening differs from country to country as well. It varies between €85 and €550 depending on the country that you get your treatment. Some countries charge more prices and some charge less. You may find the best option for yourself to get your treatment by looking up online.

In developed countries, clinic are charging more prices and in developing, thet charge less. For instance in UK prices are starting from €290 whereas in Poland they are starting from €107. Clinics and hospitals in Turkey are offering affordable prices compared to others. In Turkey, to get your teeth whitened you would pay around €150, which is very less compared to develepoed countries.

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